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Debt management is a linear process involving various stages.  By following the proper steps in an honest and disciplined manner, it is possible to capitulate a plan to ultimately alleviate your debt.

Before anything, it is imperative to calculate exactly much debt you have; your staring point in the process. This will be the first step in assessing what type of debt management plan will best suit your circumstances. Include every item of what you owe.  This should consider:

  • Principal Payments

  • Late Payment Fees/Penalties

  • Interest

  • Total Monthly Debt Owed

Debt Management Solutions

The good news is that we're here to assist you in finding the best debt management program for your needs.  But first, there is more information that you will have to calculate for a successful debt management solution:

So, you know how much debt you have, but what about your living costs as well as monthly income.  This is important too, because this will determine how much money you can devote to overcoming your debt situation.

Calculating your monthly expenses along with income is essential once you have calculated your debt. This will be integral in composing the blueprint for a successful debt management plan. Its determination will dictate the most optimal pace towards completion of your DMP (Debt Management Plan). If your income far outpaces your living expenses, it is likely that you will be able to complete a DMP on a faster pace than some one else with a thinner margin.  We understand that the best debt management program is the one tailored to your financial capacities.  

Debt Management Programs

Debt management programs structure payments in a manner where you're able to make payments that are tailored to your monthly income and vital expenses.  Once you have calculated the amount owed on debts - as well as your essential monthly living expenses - it is time to formulate a workable, disciplined and effective plan.  If you can properly structure your income and debt, then you may have a workable debt management program in the works.

The tools that are being built for your use will incorporate the numerous steps of the debt management programs to ease their use - and to get you back on the right financial track.

Understanding a Debt Management Plan

Having the right debt management plan in place is vital to having a chance at successfully completing.  An effective debt management program must incorporate discipline, yet stay within reason.  When programs don't succeed, often it is because clients set debt management goals that were either over-ambitious or under-ambitious. Therefore, an effective plan must be made in respect to the amount of disposable income available.  If scant disposable income is available, then it may be advisable to look for ways to increase income.  

We are proud and excited to offer you access to debt management programs and tools that really will give you the best chance at getting back on your feet financially.  With both resolve and patience, your debt anxieties will be a thing of the past.